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The Slim Sloth is what happens when two nerd friends, one with a CNC machining company, the other a professional in the CAD/CAM software industry. Discover the world of high end mechanical keyboards and decide nothing available suits their needs.

It’s a keyboard, it does all the things a keyboard should do. Including per key RGB lighting, though it’s debatable if a keyboard should do this. But it does these things while having every piece of it you touch, CNC machined from billet aluminium to standards most (But not Grumpy the Sloth) would consider excessive. And we mean every piece, the case, the switch plate and every one of the 108 keycaps, all machined from solid aluminium.

After hours of machining, the keycaps are hand finished using a vapour blasting process, then anodised before having their legends laser etched. The case and switch plate are once again hand finished, but with a glass bead blast process and are then electroless nickel coated. Finally, the keyboard is hand assembled and thoroughly inspected before shipping.

All of this work is proudly, meticulously, obsessively completed in New Zealand.


The clean design, aluminium construction and quality of work are the real features. But here are some of the regular keyboard features to add to "It does all the things a keyboard should do"


This doesn't really need a description. The Slim Sloth uses USB Type-C. As all devices should. Even Apple has finally decided to/been forced to make the change.


The Slim Sloth utilises the open source and customisable QMK Firmware. We've worked hard to create an out of the box experience which does everything you want. But the option is there to play should you chose to do so. You can geek out and learn more on the QMK site.


Using the Kailh Choc PG1350 gives us a number of options to chose from. There are the standard Brown (Tactile), White (Clicky) and Red (Linear) options. As well as another 13 options if you really want to get into it. If all of this means nothing to you. We recommend the Brown. We will get in touch after you order to confirm your preference.


4 customisable keys. Mostly because we didn't like the blank space above the num pad. These can be laser engraved to suit, we will contact you after your order to discuss your needs.


50% of the team and most of the world love RGB lighting. So naturally we have addressable RGB backlighting for every one of the 108 keys on the Slim Sloth. From a tasteful White backlight to full animated unicorn vomit. The choice is yours.


The final parts are bead blasted before finishing. They don't need to look this good straight off the machine. But we believe working to the highest standards for every step of the process is essential to achieving the level of quality we expect from our final product... Including this as a feature might have just been an excuse for our machinist to show off his shiny work.


We put a lot of effort into the smallest of details. The home row key indicator shown here is the result of multiple days of design tweaks and over 10 prototypes. And after all that. It is still going to be changed slightly for production, based on feedback from those who have been lucky enough to spend some time with the prototype.


Height: 132.8mm

Width: 436.5mm

Depth: 23.5mm

Weight: 1400g

Keycap Finish: Black anodised

Keycap Legends: Laser etched

Case and Switch Plate Finish: Electroless Nickel

Material: 6082 T651 Aluminium

Layout: ANSI 104 with 4 macro keys

Interface: USB Type-C

RGB Backlight: Per Key 108 LEDs

Switches: Kailh Choc PG1350

MCU: RP2040

PCB: Custom by Grumpy Sloth


Are the keycaps really aluminium?

Yes! We realise the black anodised finish makes them look a bit like plastic caps. But Bruce, who has the job of machining them all, can assure you they are all most definitely machined from aluminium... He may be going mad as a result. They feel aluminium though, which is truly delightful.

Then why black anodising for the caps?

Function over form in this case. The first prototype used raw finish caps with dark laser etching. Unfortunately, not only did they scratch easily and look second hand after a few months' use. It was difficult to read the legends in certain lights.

Where are the colour options?

The combination of black anodised keycaps and electroless nickel coated case and switch plate, has given us the most consistent and durable results we have been able to find so far. We will continue to experiment with finishes in future, once we are happy our offering will be increased. For now, this is the only combination that meets our standards.

Can I customise my keycaps?

There are 4 keycaps above the numpad which are fully customisable within the scope of QMK. But we are happy to discuss your specific needs and will reach out to do so after you order.

Why not wireless?

We could try spin this and list the positives of a wired keyboard. After all, Scott's journey into the high end keyboard world did start after he got feed up with wireless performance leading to dropped characters messing with his code. But to be honest, this mostly comes down to development costs. We are just 2 guys trying to make awesome keyboards. The cost to develop and certify a robust wireless product is not within our reach currently.

Where is the matching mouse?

We are glad that people like the keyboard enough to want a matching mouse. It is on the “one day project” list. But for now, we are focusing on the production and further development of the Slim Sloth. As well as other products which can utilise the R&D effort put into Slim Sloth production.

Why a pre-order?

This is a new product, we think it is awesome, and the feedback we have had from all who have seen it has been overwhelmingly positive. However, thinking that something is cool, and parting with the money to buy it are two different things. To confidently take resources away from the day-to-day business of One Works and put it to keyboard production we felt a pre-order was the way to go.

Can I trust my pre-order will be delivered?

Getting your keyboard made is Split into 2 categories, parts/material and production.


Our longest lead time components from an external supplier are the PCBs. We have 12 in stock and waiting to go for this limited pre-order. Aluminium is stocked locally and is readily available from multiple suppliers. Since there are so many switches variants to choose from we will get these order to your specifications upon placement of your order.


One of the creators of Grumpy Sloth owns One Works, a CNC machining company. So, unlike many other start-ups trying to bring a product to market. We have full control over the majority of the production process with only Anodising and electroless nickel coating being outsourced.

Can I modify/load my own firmware?

Sure thing. You can fork our Git repo if you want and code to your hearts content. The Slim Sloth is powered by the RP2040 and the boot loader is completely unlocked. We are not going to tell you not to play. However, we are unable to provide support beyond disassembly instructions to get to the reset pins if you manage to properly mess it up.

Aluminium is cool and all, but what about titanium?

We would LOVE to produce a titanium case. Bruce has been looking for an excuse to do so since the first prototype. If you are serious about having one in titanium and understand it will cost as much as a decent used car or entry level Rolex, please get in touch.

Scott would also like a stainless steel one for the hot desk in the Auckland office, just to dissuade anyone from moving it.

Do your prices include taxes?

New Zealand pricing includes GST of 15%

For international orders. Customers are responsible for any customs and duty fees which may be charged by customs upon entry into the destination country. Grumpy Sloth does not include any coverage for customs or duty fees in quoted shipping costs, or at any point in our checkout or billing process.

If you have any questions related to customs, duty, and import charges, please contact your local customs office prior to ordering.

New Zealand pricing includes GST of 15%