This can be told by answering a couple of questions you likely have.

The first thing you're probably thinking is, why Grumpy Sloth?! This name is a comment that stuck. Bruce suggested that company names these days are just two random things put together. For the Grumpy part, I will refer you to team photos below. And the 'Sloth' portion? It's a nod to the fact that good things take time, especially when life's other commitments are in play. Over 3 years passed from when the idea was initially floated, until completion of the production ready prototype. After bringing this time frame to Scott's attention he simply said "Greatness takes time"... Global pandemics also mess with timelines a bit.

Second on your mind might be, why such an over the top keyboard? Uhhh, I don't know, it seemed like a cool idea and Scott wouldn't stop banging on about it. He discovered the world of high end mechanical keyboards but noticed that most were big chunky beasts which lacked num pads. So we decided we should make our own. We have design and manufacturing experience we thought. How hard can it be we thought. VERY hard as it turns out. But we got there, and we're super proud of what we have created. We hope that those who appreciate it and decide to have the Slim Sloth in their life are just as proud to own it.


Bruce and Scott are the two responsible for Grumpy Sloth, you've probably seen their names sprinkled through the website, so let's meet them.

But also, a well deserved shout out to our friends, family and industry partners. A special thanks goes to Alex Moyse of insomniartnz, who created Grumpy the Sloth for us and supported Scott's after hours work on this beauty. We wouldn't have got here without your support.


Co-Creator & Machinist, aka the one who makes the product.

Bruce's qualifications include watching YouTube, breaking end mills and scrapping parts. Which is another way of saying he is a self taught machinist. His machining career started in much the same way Grumpy Sloth did, a hobby that got out of hand. Wanting to make parts for model power boats, he decided to build himself a CNC router. Scope creep then set in and he spent far too much on the project. Once complete he decided it needed to make some money to pay for itself, and that's how One Works, his CNC machining business came to be.

Show just about anyone some of the parts he has decided are scrap and they would struggle to see the flaws. They might even try to convince him the part is good. But once he has decided they're scrap, there is no changing his mind. This commitment to quality is both a blessing and a curse, but one we hope our customers appreciate.


Co-Creator & Head of talking peoples ear off about how awesome the Slim Sloth is.

Scott's career started out in the super yacht interiors industry, after studying motorsport engineering, so his appreciation of, and need for quality is as high as anyone's. After a decade of working in the industry he moved on to work for Cadpro, Australia & New Zealand's leading Autodesk solution provider, where he has been since 2013. He has had numerous roles within the Design & Manufacturing Services team which he now manages.

His role at Cadpro has allowed him to accumulate a level of knowledge of CAD/CAM which most will not achieve in their lifetime.

Favorite pastimes include, solving something in 5 minutes that Bruce has been attempting to do for hours. Spending time with family. Running insane distances. Talking to people about the insane distances he runs.